Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you need to know about how our service works, the ordering process, connecting with an editor, pricing and guarantees.

How does your assignment editing service work?

By signing up and placing an order on our platform, a student instantaneously gets access to a wide pool of professional editors. Each editor has a unique profile that lists out their subject(s) of expertise, # of orders completed and customer reviews. Once an order is placed, editors that specialise in the required field will begin bidding on the order. Scan various profiles, and choose an expert that best suits your needs. Once making a selection, the customer must deposit funds according to the agreed upon contract price for the editing progress to begin.

How long does it take to edit an assignment?

Unfortunately, there is no standardised time for every order, as each assignment has its own requirements and deadlines. That being said, the minimum turnaround time for last minute assignments is 6hrs. However, in certain scenarios, the editor may be able to revise the work in as little as 2-3 hours, but additional compensation may be necessary.

How do I connect with my editor?

After hiring an editor and depositing the necessary funds, you will be able to communicate with the editor using the chat window in the right hand corner. Furthermore, our CRM allows both parties to upload files which can be used as examples to help in the editing process. This may be requirements created by your teacher/professor or works that you want your task to be mirrored to. Overall, it is helpful to communicate with your chosen expert as much as possible.

How much will it cost to edit my assignment?

Again, the price of each assignment editing will vary based on a number of factors including the number of pages/words, academic level of the work, deadline and work price of the chosen editor. Each expert has the freedom to offer their own price based on the difficulty and length of the assignment. However, most writing edits will start from $5 a page and presentation edits from $4 per slide.

What makes your editing service better than services like Grammarly, for example?

While Grammarly will show you issues with basic grammar, incorrect voice and poor word choice, our experts take it a step further. For example, they may take entire paragraphs, restructure the flow of ideas and introduce a new method of getting the point across. They may recommend switching the order of your arguments, or even completely eliminating particular ones if they deem them unfit for the paper. Alongside better word choice, they will share their tips on transitionary language, the unspoken rules of academic writing, and other advice you won't find anywhere else.

What Guarantees does E-Pro.US provide?

According to our terms and conditions, the main service provided is to deliver customer satisfaction and an overall improvement in academic performance. If the customer feels that neither criteria was met during the transaction, then they are fully entitled to request a refund. All of these requests are run through customer support, and the client shall be informed of the final decision promptly.